About Us

Hand crafted in Bali with integrity and named Saraswati Papers for the Hindu Goddess of the arts, beauty, knowledge, and poetry – people continually tell us that our papers and products embody all of these divine attributes. What makes them even more special is that our inspired products are created using recycled and other sustainable materials.

Australian, Kali Sari, founder of Saraswati Papers recognized that Bali was struggling with ever-increasing pollution caused by a growing and modernizing society. With this concern and a life-long interest in all things paper, she started to put her kitchen blender to new use and began to experiment making handcrafted paper from recycled materials.

A paper-making course later and with the support of the Wisnu Foundation (a not-for-profit foundation concerned with the conservation of the Balinese environment), Saraswati Papers was born in May 1995.

Working out of her house and kitchen for the first six months, Kali enlisted a team of Balinese village women to learn the skillful art of papermaking. The methods used were the ancient and traditional process of blending, dipping and pressing sheets of paper by hand and hanging it out to dry. The result was exceptional hand-crafted paper.

Each folio of our hand-made paper is made using 100% post consumer recycled paper collected from schools, offices, hotels and homes around Bali. It is colored using natural dyes taken from the earth, roots and leaves, and is textured with the addition of sustainable plant fibers such as bamboo and flower petals. No chemicals, bleaches or unsustainable practices are used at any stage of the paper making process. The variations and irregularities, which occur in our products are a reflection of the art itself and distinguish Saraswati Papers as a handmade product of environmental integrity. There is no sort of production line, the papers and products are handmade – from start to finish – in our garden-front studio by our group of creative local women.

Over the years the cottage business has become a unique boutique business in that the specialty of Saraswati Papers is the team’s ability to create and adapt designs and products to a customer’s specific needs. Our standards are of high quality with attention to detail and design.

We incorporate our hand made papers with silk screened and laminated cotton papers that are also made in our studio and use other hand crafted sustainable materials sourced from around the Indonesian archipelago to recreate a time honored tradition. The result, a wide range of earth friendly products and finishes that is sensuous and beautiful.

We believe you too will be inspired by our papers. Thank you for your interest in Saraswati papers, for a concern about the environment and our efforts in creating sustainable work and products here in Bali.